Q: Can I yoni steam while pregnant?

A: No, some herbs are contraindications and can make the uterus contract. This could lead to miscarriages or early labor.

Q: Can I steam while on my cycle?

A: No, steaming helps to increase blood flow so steaming while on your cycle can lead to heavy bleeding. Do your yoni steaming sessions before and after your menstrual cycle.

Q: How exactly do i yoni steam?

A: First you boil your herbs on the stove for about 3-10 minutes. Next, pour them into a heat safe, non-plastic bowl and let cool briefly. Sit bowl into your yoni stool, sanitized toilet bowl, or use sitz bath. Making sure to not burn yourself, sit and relax on your steam for 30-40 minutes.

Q: Do the herbal smoke blends contain cannabis

A: No, the herbal smoke blends do not contain cannabis. They are a legal alternative to that and cigarettes. However, in states that do have legalized cannabis, herbal smoke blends are great for mixing with it and maximizing experiences.