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Can I yoni steam while pregnant?

No, some herbs are contraindications and can make the uterus contract. This could lead to miscarriages or early labor.

Can I yoni steam while on my cycle?

No, steaming helps to increase blood flow so steaming while on your cycle can lead to heavy bleeding. Do your yoni steaming sessions before and after your menstrual cycle.

What is yoni steaming, first of all?

As I like to say, yoni steams are a big warm hug for your vagina! This is a wonderful way to relax, tone, cleanse, and heal your vagina. Different blends can help regulate your menstrual cycle, improve blood circulation, and heal from infections, bad experiences, pregnancies, miscarriages, and much more. You can steam your yoni 1-4 times a month before and after your cycle. It’s important to make this a routine and remain as consistent as possible. You deserve it! Your yoni most DEFINITELY does as well! View the video below to see just how easy yoni steaming at home can be!

*Tips: If your steam seems to stop prematurely, just add more boiling water, let cool until comfortable, and enjoy!

Do the herbal smoke blends contain marijuana?

No, the herbal smoke blends do not contain cannabis. They are a legal alternative to that and cigarettes. However, in states that do have legalized cannabis, herbal smoke blends are great for mixing with marijuana and maximizing experiences.

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