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Our name, Orphika, comes from the word Orphic which means entrancing, mystical, and beyond ordinary understanding. We strive and intend to cater to those qualities within you! With a foundation of the magical works of herbs and essential oils, Orphika was created to help heal, enhance, and make your life extraordinary. We are here to provide you with needs that your body and spirit yearn for. Our herbal products are intended to love you from the inside out. We are honored that you are here and can’t wait to provide for you!


Made Fresh to Order

Orphika uses the BEST ingredients when crafting your products. From organic herbs, which means non-GMO (non- genetically modified organisms) and confirmed by the USDA. These herbs do not contain any pesticides or fertilizers.

Our fruits are along the same lines. They are always fresh and cleaned so they can provide you with optimal benefits.


Herbal Smoke Blends

No nicotine.

No tobacco.

Safer than e-cigs & vapes.

Pre-rolled or create your own experience 3oz.


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"Every product is made fresh with top notch ingredients. If you’re looking for an organic product that’s made with love and with ingredients you can actually recognize, you’ve reached your destination."

— Sophia B.

Yoni Steams

Many times feared.

Many times misunderstood.

Many times embraced.

Never regretted.

Start your yoni steam routine now. Not only is it a wonderful and pleasant experience, but it is also beneficial. Yoni steams:

  • Help increase fertility

  • Tone your vagina

  • Increase libido

  • Warms your womb

  • Helps release negative energy

  • Helps your vagina become more moisturized

  • Treats itchy and dry skin

  • Prevent infections such as BV, yeast infections, and UTI’s.

  • And much more! Take a look at our different blends and choose which ones are tailored to you! Or, contact us if you are not sure where to start!

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Behind Orphika!

South Carolina native, Dia Sharper did not always live a herbally-fantastic life. However, she realized some of the issues she (and many other people) was having trouble with, could be treated with the abundance of gifts that the Earth so freely provides. She wanted to create a non-judgmental, loving, and nurturing place where beautiful people from all walks of life can either start or continue their herbal journeys. Erica Sharper, a New Jersey native and Dia’s mother, saw that her daughter, Dia, was going the same path she was with her plans, knowledge, and love for essential oils. Erica is a certified distributor of the best and purest essential oils by Young Living. Together, they decided to partner up and deliver their customers with the best of both worlds and products that are surely the highest quality!